How to Use Custom Designed Bookmarks as Promotional Tools


One of the most underrated and overlooked promotional tools is the bookmark.  Bookmarks are great promotional tools because they are cheap, compact and can be used in various ways in order to maximize return on your investment. They are just as inexpensive to design and produce as a postcard and, if used intelligently, can be just as effective at generating sales.

Leaving professionally designed bookmarks on store countertops is a great idea and costs much less than direct mail marketing with postcards. Be sure to leave them in relevant places in order to maximize your return on investment. For example, if you’re a vegetarian caterer, leaving your bookmarks with the butcher is probably not a good idea. Also, make sure to get the appropriate permission to display your bookmarks or they can be thrown away and all your time and money will have been wasted.

Some guerilla marketing techniques that you can use include slipping the bookmarks into books, magazines or newspapers that your target audience will be reading. For example, if you’re an interior designer, head down to the bookstore and slip your bookmarks into Better Homes and Gardens or similar magazines. Though you probably won’t have the time to insert very many of them, the ones you do will be right in the hands of your specific target market, increasing the chances of a return on your investment.

Bookmarks also do a great job doubling as coupons. This will work best if you have a nice design on one side and a special offer on the other. Make sure not to put a limited time offer on the bookmark. Though using limited time offers are almost always the right avenue to take for promotional pieces, it wouldn’t make sense in this case because you want your target to hold onto the bookmark as a constant reminder of your product or services.

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