The Differences Between Marketing to New Customers Vs. Existing Customers


When you have a limited advertising budget you can sometimes make the mistake of painting with broad strokes when you are developing your advertising promotions. The assumption that you can save money by developing a single message rather than multiple messages for multiple targets can do you more harm than good.

Think of your relationship with your customers as a relationship with a significant other. You would act differently in different phases of your relationship with your husband or wife and you should follow the same basic premise when communicating with your customers. In the infancy of a personal relationship you might try to bring to light some of your better attributes in order to win the heart of the object of your desire. In this courting phase the significant other is getting to know what you are all about and deciding on whether or not they can trust you. Here is where the foundation of the relationship is laid. Later on in the relationship there is really no need to keep emphasizing to your partner that you can be trusted or what kind of person you are because they should already know. You can do your best to maintain their view of you but it would be a waste of time to highlight the same things that you would in the courting phase. Your time would be better spent on growing your relationship and exploring newer areas of experience and emotion.

The same holds true with your customers. Once you have initiated a relationship with a customer and have established that you are competent, cost effective and dependable, any money you spend on communicating with them shouldn’t be spent on continually trying to hammer those points home. A better use of those advertising dollars would be on bringing to their attention that your services can be utilized in different ways, or other products that you might offer that would be beneficial to them. Making a distinction between existing customers and potential clients might seem to add an apparent additional cost to your advertising efforts, but in reality, wasting money on over-emphasizing a point to a market that doesn’t need the additional reinforcement can be seen as an expense that you can easily eliminate.

If you have a limited advertising budget and cannot afford to address too many different groups with your marketing campaigns you still might find that it will be worth it to at least make a distinction between existing customers and potential clients and craft your specific message to them accordingly.

Why Creativity is Important In Advertising


Why Creativity is Important In Advertising

When you listen to your favorite popular song chances are that the subject matter isn’t a unique concept. Whether it is about love, feelings of loss, or existential life questions, the likelihood that there are thousands of other songs that address the same issue is pretty high. So what is it that makes that song so appealing to so many?

In most cases the reason for the song’s appeal is that the writer/performer has found a unique way to deliver an old message. This creative delivery of a standard message is what helps to set mediocre tunes apart from all-time classics. This concept can be applied to many other things in life and business in the hopes of striking a chord in someone who has been inundated with the same messages day in and day out for their entire lives.

Let’s face it, most business are not very exciting and your business may not be as interesting as the newest technology firm that has thousands ready to pounce on a chance to get in on their IPO, but it makes you money and that’s all that matters. When it is time to reach out to your potential clients with your “sexy” auditing services or “riveting” dental practice, creativity can go a long way in helping your message get through the filters people have set up to avoid undesirable information.

How to Come up With Creative Ideas

Tapping your own creativity can be difficult, especially if your profession requires extensive and consistent analytical processing of information. When developing your advertising ideas it is a good idea to separate yourself from your daily routine. When you step out of your normal routine you are open to new ideas and thoughts. The best way to do this is leave your office and find an inspiring location that might help get your creative juices flowing. Try to clear your mind so that you have blank canvas to work with. You don’t have to book a safari in order to extricate yourself from your traditional environment. Take a pad and paper to the park, your laptop to a coffee shop or your voice recorder to the beach. Take notice of people’s interactions, the variety of new colors and sounds, the different shapes and textures that you see.

Next, try to imagine that you are a member of your target audience. What do they see, hear and feel? What is important to them? How would they react to the environment you are in? Jot down any and all ideas simple, profound, inane, idiotic or brilliant. You never know when you can start to synthesize a great idea from something trivial or seemingly irrelevant. Use the notes you have taken to construct a theme or idea that may seem a bit out of the ordinary, funny or even weird. It doesn’t matter if the idea you come up with is good or not. You are just trying out new muscles that you will need if you wish to continue your efforts at developing out of the box ideas.

Take it for a Test Drive

After you’ve fleshed out a few of your new ideas bring them attention to someone who you can trust to be honest with you. Don’t fear embarrassment or criticism, if you do you will never be able to fully take the plunge into uncharted waters. Use the feedback to hone or redirect your ideas until you find something that you think works.

The more comfortable you become with taking a different perspective on things the easier it will be to come up with something more creative than past endeavors. This applies not only to advertising design but all other aspects of anything that you produce.

If you come up with a great idea and don’t know how to bring it to fruition, or are still stuck without any new concepts it is time to consult with a professional. Shoot us an email at or give us a call at 1-877-568-4665. We’d be glad to help you reach out to your customers in an exciting new way.

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