custom book cover design

Custom Book Cover Design

Whether you’ve written a technical book on the intricacies of real estate finance or the All American Novel about a cross-country road trip, we’ll design for you a cover that speaks to your audience and screams, “READ ME!” A quality custom book cover design is imperative to increasing sales of your book.

Unfortunately we DO live in a world where a book IS often judged by it’s cover. The surge in available material due to self publishing and e-books has inundated the market with so many choices for consumers that, in many cases, an appealing cover design can often make or break the sale.

When you need a book cover to adequately and aesthetically represent your work, you know you can trust Promotion Lotion to help you convey your message. We work closely with you in order to get the flavor and style of your brand and message and help you to stand apart from the crowded marketplace.


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