custom envelope design design & printing

Envelope Design & Printing

Mail with confidence with custom envelope design & printing!
When sending out a memo or important letter to a client or prospect you should feel confident that your image is well represented by your professional looking envelope. Don’t lose the sale because your prospect lost confidence in you because of a poor presentation.

Custom envelope design & printing by Promotion Lotion is a great way to passively advertise your company and present your logo. Use your custom designed envelopes to send customers thank you notes or alert them to sales and specials all the while keeping your brand image highly visible.

Print your own envelope design or we’ll design it for you! PRICES INCLUDE FREE SHIPPING!

9.5″x4.15″ Standard White Envelopes (70# Stock)
Quantity Price
100 $105
250 $125
500 $140
1000 $199
2500 $359
5000 $589


Close contact with your designer

When you decide to work with Promotion Lotion for your envelope design project you will have intimate contact with your designer allowing you as much or as little creative control as you desire over your project. Because we work quickly and are constantly updating you on the envelope’s progress, you will be able to rest assured that your custom envelope design project is in capable hands.

FREE QR Code for dynamic interaction with your customers

Imagine being able to get a prospective client to immediately pull up your website, request a quote, send you a message or ask you a question with their smartphone the very moment that they pick up your envelope. QR codes make that possible!

Maximum Effectiveness

Promotion Lotion takes the time to design a envelope that not only looks great, but has maximum marketing effectiveness. We do this by using tried and true marketing and design techniques in order to ensure that your envelope gets your message across.

Lightning Fast Turnaround

We know that time is money. This is why we work our hardest to expedite the custom envelope design process for you while still maintaining the highest of quality design and service. Most first drafts of your envelopes are completed within one business day!